Styled to Rock – Added to my addiction list

Even though I have tons of things to be doing, I am officially hooked on Styled to Rock. This is the new fashion reality TV show brought to us by Sky Living. Be warned as it is highly addictive being a cross between Project Runway and Eastenders.

I love all the designers and the challenges set by Rhianna make the show so dramatic and interesting.

I have literally not stopped watching it for the last few days.

Aaaaah where is series 2?

The Eternal Leather Jacket

Let’s face it the leather jacket will NEVER EVER stop being stylish, cool and super hip. And now it seems it is more popular than ever. On the train today I saw at least 3 other people (not including myself) wearing leather jackets and what is even funnier is that they were all basically in the same style!

So why do we love the leather jacket? Here is a quick summary of the garment we know and love.

Materials: hide of various animals

Colours: usually black but can be any colour we like 🙂

Associations: Punks, policemen, motorcyclists, ‘indie’ kids and Goths

Appearance: supposingly intimidating?? Hard and cool?

Made mostly in… : Italy, Pakistan, India, Canada, Mexico and the United States

History: First in early 20th century

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Lessons from Fashion’s free culture

This is a great talk Johanna Blakley on Fashion and the benefits the industry gets from having lax copyright laws.

Fashion is so interesting. Love it!


Ear me out

Ear cuffs are another trend that are sure to stay trendy this season. This trend has lasted for centuries since its origin in South India. Ear cuffs are the perfect tool to help you add to your look by giving it a touch of punk, indie, sexy or whatever else!

Studded Out

Don’t know about you but I have been seeing studs and spikes absolutely everywhere recently. On earrings, shirt, shoes,skirts you name it. Studs can add that vintage rock chick vibe to anything. You can even glue them to some old jeans to give them a new look.

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I love it!