The It-Girls (and guys)

Hey Guys,

I have not blogged in a while, im sorry. But now I am going to give a list of 5 of the best and most famous bloggers out there. Isn’t social networking and technology an amazing bonus to the Fashion world?

1) lisa gachet

– It-girl from France

– Blog called My Lemonade, soooo good:

– a fashion and a graphic designer

– lots of DIY stuff, why spend money when you can make it yourself?

2) Juliett Kuczynska

– Polish fashonista

– check it out:

3) Ashley Madekwe

– Name sound familiar, course she is on REVENGE! (if you dont know what this is, google it and watch it nooooow)

– cool girl from London livin it up in the USA

4) Leandra Medine

– NYC Journalist

– She’s worked with Michael Kors #jel

– Here blog is all about repelling the men hehe

5) And FINALLY… Ari Seth Cohen

– he is cool

– takes pictures of over 60s

– Enjoy!



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