What to wear on Christmas day??!

Christmas day – the day filled with love and happiness and of course lots and lots of food. So the question is: what do you wear on Christmas day so that you can eat as much as you like, look good and feel Christmassy?


1) Sparkly peplum top

– the outward frill of a peplum hides any possible pot belly!

– sparkly = CHRISTMAS

2) Comfy Jeans or leggings

– allow you to be agile for last minute Christmas wrapping and running to and from the kitchen!



Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013


 VictoriasSecretFashionShow2013 (1)_edited-1

Got home a couple of hours ago after a long day at work, and still I’m freezing! You guys wouldn’t believe how blustery it’s been today! This morning I actually woke up 2 hours earlier because the street lights were making a racket due to the strong winds.

So I had a big cup of steaming hot green tea with dinner and watched the much awaited 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show that aired a couple of days ago.

Two things; I lost my appetite 10 minutes into the show ( Watching the worlds most beautiful supermodels can have the affect on you) and secondly; The show was awesome! I don’t get how they manage to top themselves year after year.
It was awesome seeing Hilary Rhoda in the line up again, she is (in my opinion) by far one of the prettiest models in the business right now.

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Top 10 Fashion Winter Essentials


– Long scarves are a must in winter, they are stylish and keep you nice and warm!!!!!!

2. Fingerless gloves

– So you can still pick stuff up and keep your fingers warm.

3. Ugg boots

– Will these ever come out of fashion? Or a better question is will we stop wearing them when it gets so cold?

4. Stylish but comfy coat.

5. Hoodies

– Perfect for layering.

6. Tights (40 denier +)

– Under those jeans they go.

7. Ear muffs

– Your ears need to keep warm too.

8. Beanie

– Everyone has to have a winter beanie.

9. Thick socks

10. Vests


Fashion Celebrity of the Moment

Love her or hate her, she has been everywhere this year.

My celebrity of the moment is none other than MILEY CYRUS.

I am also loving her new single Feelin myself with Will.I.AM, wiz khalifa & french montana. Very catchy!


– WORDS TO DESCRIBE HER: clothing-averse, twerker, flasher, bangerz, fashion icon

– Joke about miley cyrus: What does Miley Cyrus eat for Christmas? (Answer at the bottom of the post)

Here are some recent pictures of the cool cat!




(Joke answer = Twerkey!)

Clothes Show 2013

After setting off early Saturday morning and eventually arriving at Birmingham International, I couldn’t help notice the number of girls, mums and all-round fashion know-it-alls headed to the NEC. It was clear that the majority of people had planned the day’s outfit well in advance – whether they wore the latest leather cut out boots or a psychedelic crop top, everyone was dressed to impress.

As we entered the huge exhibition centre there were people buzzing around from one fashion bargain to the next. The Clothes Show wouldn’t be the same with the sheer amount of ‘fangirls’ for the numerous celebrities endorsing their makeup, hair and fashion brands. We managed to spot TOWIE’s Wright Family, Amy Childs, Romeo from So Solid Crew and Jamie Laing and Any Jordan from Made in Chelsea. All the celebs were surrounded by a generous helping of screaming teenage girls, eager to take a selfie with the star or grab an autograph on their clothing-averse 2014 calendars.

Elsewhere in the exhibition centre there were numerous other things going on. Barry M where selling £50 worth of makeup for £10 and there were numerous people running around trying to persuade you to get your teeth whitened as it was ‘get yours done and your friend gets hers for free’.

My favourite part of the day had to be the Britain’s Next Top Model Fashion show sponsored by Coca Cola. Not only was it great to see the models from cycle 8 and 9 strut their stuff, but more importantly they were showcasing the clothes from many fashion colleges across the country. It was good to see the upcoming trends from the ‘designers of tomorrow’ on the catwalk and the different concepts in each set of clothing.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would recommend it to any fashion enthusiast or anyone who feels they need some winter retail therapy!  

Here are a range of pictures from the day.