It is not even mid august yet but everyone (all the high-street shops) seem to have gone sour in the UK, shifting their A/W 2014 stuff to the front. I demand that we realise that summer is still here (even if we have had a mini hurricane and loads of rain over the last few days). I am sure the sun will come back out. *FINGERS CROSSED*

Anyway to excite us all that the sun will come back here are some of my fave bikinis from British Retailers.

Enjoy xx




When it starts to get hot, I mean really hot, the only thing I can think about is going swimming. Or for some of us its all about the sauna – aaaaahhh. And of course that venture is not complete unless we own a few amaaaazing swimsuits right? Atm I am really digging white one piece swimsuits!┬áCheck┬áJourdan Dunn’s amazing Herve Leger swimsuit below.