Floral Crowns

My latest obsession are probably floral crowns! I love them so much!! I think its something about the way they make anyone look angelic, fun and trendy. They are also perfect for the festival season, don’t miss out!!

Here are some of my faves below.

Enjoy xxxx




Why I am very hard to shop with…

I have to admit, I love meeting up with friends for a coffee, to go to a nice restaurant or for a night out but when it comes to shopping I definitely prefer to go alone. This is because when I am shopping I almost go into hunter mode. Like a hunter, hunting for its prey I am a shopaholic hunting for the best items in the shop. For that reason I tend to wander around the shop – I may do a quick scan and then analyse each section specifically or I might dive straight for the make-up section. Generally, I am anything but systematic about how I shop and therefore I find it hard to shop with other people. There. Confession Done.

Anyway I was coincidentally shopping with my friend the other day (not my idea, i was late so I decided not to quarrel) and we were in H&M. Over the years I have generally been put off  H&M i thought the quality was alright but the style was boring and slightly outdated. However when I visited this H&M store a few days ago most of the stuff seemed to be quite good. I spotted a few smart long dresses and this weird sea green and yellow collection that I was seemingly fixated on. However, like most people who going shopping post-Christmas/New Years my friend was all about the Sales. Sidenote -> I have noticed that recently I can’t really be asked for the Sale section because it is always:

1) messy

2) cramped

3) hard to find your size and hard to restrain yourself from buying stuff just because its cheap

3) generally unpleasant

This is also why I don’t particularly like shopping in TK Maxx. So I kind of gave up trying to shop for myself that day and casually followed her around as we chatted away.





Hope that one day I will find the perfect dungarees for me. *cries silently*

I absolutely adore dungarees but I can never seem to find some that look great on me. I think it is because I am short (5 ft 1) and they make me look squashed I guess. Anyway here are some of my favs.



Colour Pop Bags

I think we all can’t resist a little colour in our lives and what better way to do so than a bright stylish bag. Not only are they eye-catching but these psychedelic bags add a touch of ‘WOW’ to an outfit. Check out a few of my favourites below.





Pregnant Mommmas

Yesterday I watched ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’ – which is a movie that has many famous celebrities in it and discusses the trials and tribulations of pregnancy. Overall I thought it was quite an amusing and enlightening film. Anyway… it made me think of all of those people who rock being preggers.

Check out some of these stunning baby mommas below.



When it starts to get hot, I mean really hot, the only thing I can think about is going swimming. Or for some of us its all about the sauna – aaaaahhh. And of course that venture is not complete unless we own a few amaaaazing swimsuits right? Atm I am really digging white one piece swimsuits! Check Jourdan Dunn’s amazing Herve Leger swimsuit below.





Not revenge as in murder/retribution, the amazinggg TV show. If you are not watching ti you should be ashamed. You should watch it for the amazing acting (Emily van Camp, Ashley Madekwe etc.)  and if not for the cast then the clothes. Literally they are ALL beautiful. Never seen so many beautiful dresses on a show. WOW. Check some below!