So guys the time is finally here! Rihanna’s River Island collection here. Check out come of the items below:


5 Predicted Fashion trends of 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Its seems like 2012 whizzed past and I am sure 2013 will do the same. So as we begin our hectic lives, surely we want to dress well too? Here are five fab trends that I am sure will be popping up throughout 2013. Enjoy!

And remember: You saw it here first.

1)      Prints

Prints are always a hit but this year they are sure to be better, bigger and bolder.

2)      Shiny

Shiny is sure to swing back into fashion and not just in silver too. Bring it on.

3)      Talking Jumpers

Ok not literally talking jumpers but jumpers with sayings on them. Love this  one from topshop.

4)      Trendy Trainers

Well it is a new year and everyone tries to convince themselves that they WILL lose weight. The trend is in gear with these swaggy shoes.

5)      Leather

Leather is a continual hit but 2013 looks brilliant for the smooth strong material.

Kristen Stewart – Double Wammy

As Kristen Stewart jets around the world to promote the last Twilight movie – sad 😥 she is certainly doing it fashionably. See-through dresses and bold seductive colours. I love her, what a great vampire she has become.

Wow. Just wow!

Styled to Rock – Added to my addiction list

Even though I have tons of things to be doing, I am officially hooked on Styled to Rock. This is the new fashion reality TV show brought to us by Sky Living. Be warned as it is highly addictive being a cross between Project Runway and Eastenders.

I love all the designers and the challenges set by Rhianna make the show so dramatic and interesting.

I have literally not stopped watching it for the last few days.

Aaaaah where is series 2?

Ear me out

Ear cuffs are another trend that are sure to stay trendy this season. This trend has lasted for centuries since its origin in South India. Ear cuffs are the perfect tool to help you add to your look by giving it a touch of punk, indie, sexy or whatever else!